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We Provide a Total Solution to Our Customer's Needs. 

That's why we say we are Coast Bathing Solutions; it's who we are; it's what we do. All of our walk-in tubs from Coast Bathing Solutions are safe, secure and simple to use, bringing you complete peace of mind. If you are considering a walk-in tub, it is likely that you, or a member of your family, are experiencing some difficulty using your existing bath. Whatever that difficulty or disability, there is a walk-in tub within our range to overcome these problems.

Walk-in Tubs Features:

Wide opening, easy access door

All of our walk-in tubs feature a wide-opening, easy-access door.

Simple and Safe

Stepping into the bath is simple and safe.

Thermostatic Taps

Fill the bath safely using the thermostatically controlled taps.


When you have finished, just open the door and step out. It’s that simple.

How much is a walk-in bath?


Pricing on walk-in baths are varied depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • What walk in bath product you choose

  • The size of your bathroom and renovations needed to fit the new walk-in bath

  • Added luxury additions to your walk-in bath


To find out the best solution for you, get in touch with our helpful and highly experienced customer care experts by calling 604-484-0379 for free or request a brochure today

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What are the benefits of a walk-in bath?


There are a wide range of benefits for not only the individual with mobility issues but also for members of the whole family to enjoy. Easy access and your safety and security are at the crux of what we do. However, we also appreciate our customer’s desire for a first class bathing experience. Our already in-built safety features include:

  • Slip resistant flooring

  • Thermostatic heating controls

  • Easy entry access doors

  • Leak free build


To find out the best solution for you, get in touch with our helpful and highly experienced customer care experts by calling 604-484-0379 for free or request a brochure today

What safety features are available?


The most common reason people purchase walk-in bathtubs is that these tubs are safer than standard tubs. High walls, non-slip floors, seats and grab bars make using the tub safer for people with mobility problems.  


  • Wall Height: Each walk-in tub features a wall that averages between 37 to 47 inches tall. This wall decreases the possibility of a person with limited mobility falling out of the bathtub.


  • Built-in Shower Seat: Walk-in tubs contain shower seats that are around 17 inches high. These seats are covered with a textured surface to prevent slipping off the seat, allowing for safer bathing. Rising from a seat is much easier than from a standard tub floor.


  • Textured Floor: Nearly all models include a textured floor surface in order to prevent slipping. A textured floor is a must if you’re buying a walk-in tub for someone with mobility trouble.


  • Grab Bars: Most tubs are equipped with at least two grab bars. You should consider the placement of these bars and install them where they will get the most use. In some cases, the grab bars are an optional item and should be purchased if the user has limited mobility.

What are the basic features of walk-in bathtubs?

Basic tub features include a low threshold step-up, watertight door seal and hand-held shower heads. These features are available in various tub dimensions and sizes.


  • Step-up: The step-up is the height of the threshold that leads to the tub. The most common step-up height is 4 to 7 inches, though some models have lower step-ups for easier access.

  • Watertight Door: Most tubs feature an inward-opening door with a watertight seal. Outward-opening doors are available and are good options for those who need to move from a wheelchair or shower chair. Bear in mind that the outward-opening door may have more pressure placed upon it by the water it contains, and outward-opening doors require more bathroom space to open fully. You will also want to make sure the user will not have trouble operating the door handle.

  • Tub Dimensions: Models average in height between 37 and 47 inches; width and length vary widely among models and providers. Generally, the tub's width is 28 to 32 inches, and its length generally caps off at 60 inches. There are optional trim kits available to ensure that the tub fits in the space correctly.


  • Hand-held Shower Head: Most walk-in bathtubs feature hand-held showerheads to make bathing easier for those with trouble standing. This shower head is usually located at the front of the tub along with the faucets, but some companies offer the option of adding a raised shower head with an adjustable rod. 


How are walk-in bathtubs maintained?

Keeping a walk-in bathtub clean is fundamental to ensuring a germ-free bath. Bacteria and mould can form around faucets, chairs and hydrotherapy jets, so it’s important to have a cleaning system. A clean tub is also less likely to need expensive repairs in the event of drain clogs or mildew damage.


  • Rapid Drain or Double Drain Option: One of the leading causes of bacteria or mould growth in walk-in tubs is standing water. Rapid drain or double drain options allow the tub to empty quickly in about 80 seconds depending upon the weight of the individual, the amount of water and the plumbing that is connected to the bathtub drainage system. To install these drains, however, you may need to update your plumbing. Consult with a plumber or tub vendor to make sure your plumbing can work with rapid drain systems.

  • Ozone Cleaning System: The ozone cleaning system was developed in order to prevent mold from growing in the aerotherapy and hydrotherapy jets. This system uses ozone to purify water as it comes out of the jets, minimizing bacterial buildup.

  • Regular Cleaning: Walk-in bathtubs have a larger amount of surface area to clean than an average bathtub. Regularly-scheduled cleanings with standard bathtub soaps and cleaners can go a long way to ensuring the tub’s longevity. 

What therapy options are available?

Some walk-in tubs have therapy systems that are helpful for users with arthritis, leg cramps or chronic pain. These systems create a therapeutic spa experience in a limited amount of available space.


  •  Aerotherapy: Aerotherapy uses air jets to keep water moving to massage you while you bathe.

  •  Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy uses water jets to move water around to create a massaging bath. Hydrotherapy jets are often capable of more vigorous massages than aerotherapy jets.

What warranties are available?

Walk-in bathtubs are usually protected by a warranty on the entire package or on individual parts and pieces. It’s important to know what warranties are offered and on which features in case you have problems with your tub.

  • Water-tight Door Seal: Most watertight door seals offer a lifetime warranty. These warranties usually apply to the original owner, but some can be extended to owners who move into a house with a walk-in bathtub.

  • Tubs and Faucets: Tubs and faucets often come with limited lifetime warranties. Much like the door seal, however, these warranties usually apply to the tub's original purchaser.

  • Components: Components like water pumps, heaters and blowers are usually covered by 10-year limited warranties.

  • Hydrotherapy: Because they get a lot of use, hydrotherapy jets usually have a one-year parts and labor warranty to cover breakdowns.

What customization options are available?

There are many additional features available for walk-in tubs. However, they are quite expensive. Know what is included in the model you choose before it is delivered to make sure you do not overpay for extra parts.

  • Hand-held Shower Options: Most tubs have a hand-held shower head located in a slot along with the faucets, but an ADA compliant sidebar with hand shower holder is available. This sidebar grants easier access to the showerhead while seated.

  • Tub Extender: Many tubs do not correctly fit into the space allotted for them in the standard bathroom. Therefore, extensions are available to eliminate gaps between the tub and the wall. These extensions can be used as shelves to store soap, shampoo or other bath materials. Extenders may require you to move the shower curtain to make sure it covers the entire tub and prevents water from pooling onto the floor.

  • Wall Surround: An acrylic wall surround can be added to your tub in case you want to build a taller shower. These surrounds often have shelf space for bathing materials and protect the walls from water damage.

What are the types of walk-in bathtubs?

There are many additional features available for walk-in tubs. However, they are quite expensive. Know what is included in the model you choose before it is delivered to make sure you do not overpay for extra parts.

  • Top Soaker Tub::The soaker tub is a basic model and does not have any air or water jets. It includes a leak-proof door, a seat, anti-slip floors and a low-entry step-up. Most tubs also include grab bars and anti-slip floors and seats. Those that don’t can have grab bars added.

  • Aerotherapy Tub: Aerotherapy tubs are soaker tubs outfitted with air jets for water circulation. These tubs are designed to provide a therapeutic massage experience.

  • Hydrotherapy Tub: Hydrotherapy tubs are soaker tubs that include water jets for water circulation, often providing a more rigorous massage than aerotherapy tubs. Hydrotherapy tubs usually include air jets as well.

  • Combination Walk-in Bathtub: Combination aerotherapy/hydrotherapy tubs have both air and water jets. These tubs include the features of standard soaker tubs, and they can be further customized with LED lights for chromatherapy and essential oil infusions for aromatherapy.

  • Wheelchair-accessible Tub: The wheelchair-accessible tub has an outward facing door and allows for easier transfer from the wheelchair into the bathtub. The tub seat is generally lower in height than standard tub seats.

  • Bariatric Tub: Bariatric tubs are specifically made with obese individuals in mind. They are walk-in tubs that are larger than standard models.

Who needs walk-in bathtubs?

Individuals with limited mobility

People with limited mobility can benefit from the easy access of a walk-in bathtub. These are people who may have been born with or developed a mobility problem and have difficulty using a standard bathtub.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens can experience a decrease in mobility or stability that makes using a standard bathtub more difficult. A walk-in bathtub can help make bathing easier.


Those considering aging-in-place features

People who wish to remain in their own homes as they age and are preparing for their golden years may want to invest in a walk-in bathtub.

Individuals who are obese

Many people who are above average height or weight may find using a standard bathtub difficult. Walk-in bathtubs designed for the bariatric market can help make bathing much easier for obese people.


People with joint pain

Individuals with arthritis, restless leg syndrome, cramping or other chronic pain may find the aerotherapy and hydrotherapy features of walk-in bathtubs helpful.



Persons who are caregivers to aging parents or loved ones with mental or physical disabilities may find walk-in bathtubs to be a convenient option for the person they’re helping.


People with dementia

Walk-in tubs can provide a soothing bathing experience for people with dementia. Though people in the early stages of dementia may be able to operate these bathtubs by themselves, people suffering from more severe cases will need the help of a caregiver when bathing.

You Can Trust the Bathroom Remodelling Experts at COAST Bathing

The professionals at COAST Bathing take pride in helping homeowners find their perfect bath remodel solutions. We take the time to walk you through all the options. Our experienced installers can answer any questions you have before, during and after your bathroom remodel. When you choose COAST Bathing, you can count on high quality products, with professional installation and great customer service. This winning combination has made us one of the fastest growing seniors renovation companies in BC. Contact us today how we can design and install your perfect bathroom!

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